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Many people who live in Kuala Lumpur are
totally unfamiliar with Sentul and
everything it has to offer.

This is the story of how a few such people
set out to change that for themselves.


“I was invited for a free drink by one of the Malay hawker stall owners – he gave me a teh tarik and wouldn’t let me pay.”


“Overall Sentul is a combination of different skin colours, languages, races and religions. This makes it so interesting and colourful.”


“Before this project, I didn’t know much about Sentul. After looking around, I saw that it’s a busy, bustling small town and I wanted to showcase its beauty. Hence I decided to capture the serenity that lies underneath the chaotic Sentul.”


“The song came about when Bo Amir, our music composer, was combing through the footage. The scene of a little boy kicking a football around the green open space triggered something in him…that children are indeed our future. The Children of the Sen (short for Sentul).”